Name: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale KL200B (KL200B,KL230B,KL260B,KL300B )
Model No.: KL200B,KL230B,KL260B,KL300B
Brand Name: LZM
Country of Origin: China
Standards Certificate: CE

Product Description:
With the high demand of bio-engery in the world recently, the wood pellet is becoming more and more important engery in the world. We have the different capacity of pellet mill for you to choose for wood pellet, animal feed pellet and etc.

The pellet mill will press the sawdust, stalk and other material like grass into pellet for energy sources.

Model: KL-200B
Capacity: 200-300KGS
Power: 7.5KW motor

Model: KL-230B
Capacity: 300-400KGS
Power: 11KW motor

Model: KL-260B
Capacity: 400-600KGS
Power: 15 KW motor

Model: KL-300B
Capacity: 600-800KGS
Power: 22KW motor

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